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~ Chapter Two

When my family and I visited relatives in the country, I would take my Daisy model No. 25 slide action air rifle, (“BB gun”) and have a good old time shooting mice in the grain storage areas and playing in the cornfields.  (*Home movie to be added)

Then there was the time I shot the window out at my aunt and uncles farm house.   I didn’t mean to. I was actually shooting at the handle of a large hand pump for their well. The BB glanced off the handle of the pump and into the window. They were nice about it, but I was never allowed to return with my BB gun.

Mom and Dad were always warning me not to get lost in the cornfields. It would have been easy to do, as the corn stretched for miles and when you’re in the rows of corn, all you can see is corn stalks and blue sky above. There is no point of reference. The summers were hot and humid, especially down in the corn.  Somehow I never got lost and didn’t have a heat stroke.  Perhaps it was all that cherry Coke I consumed. 

My mom’s parents lived in a big old house, on a small farm, that was actually in a small town (Cumberland) about eighteen miles from where my family and I lived.

The name of the street they lived on was Adams. There was a bathroom in the house, however, the outhouse was still used a lot. Perhaps due to the fact the indoor bathroom was upstairs and the stairs were very steep with each step extremely short in depth.  You can’t imagine the bad smell inside the outhouse.  It was horrible.

The day came when my brother decided he needed to use the outhouse. Being the fun loving little tyke that I was, I spied a chance to have some fun at his expense.  I loved my brother, but then again, fun is fun.

The door on the outhouse had a lock on the outside of the door. Most likely to lock up when you were finished, so the wind wouldn’t be blowing the door back and forth.  I don’t know if there was a lock on the inside, or not, I didn’t spend enough time in there to find out. Needless to say, when he was ready to exit the “necessary structure” he was not at all happy to find out he was locked in. When he finally got out and Mom found out what I had done ~ I was not very happy either.  I was beginning to learn some of life’s lessons, as someone once said: “none of us lives above the power of a decision.”  There would be many more of life’s decisions and lessons in my future.

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  1. Hello Eileen,
    You have a a great story here and it gets more and more interesting with each chapter I haven’t finished them all, but I will be returning often to keep up with your story. Great site!

    1. Thank you for such kind words. We will be adding audio, video, old home movies and — Good Lord Willing, current day video from around our part of the word. 🙂
      Thank you again for reading and saying such nice things.

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